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Greetings church family, please help us spread the word to our members:
I know that we were all looking forward to being able to meet together live and in person again this Sunday, and have a meal together, but we are going to have ONLY online services this Sunday. (No in-person gathering). The council has agreed that this is the best course or action for the time being.
Pastor Kelli and I are both under the weather with Covid, as well as several other leaders/members. Kelli and I are doing very well however, all things considered.
For me it’s just nasal congestion in my head with a little cough. Kelli had some congestion but it’s gone now. She cannot smell or taste very well still. But she is doing much better now. She still experiencing fatigue. We have to quarantine until November 27.
As for planning a Thanksgiving meal together, we’re going to have to postpone that until we can come back together. Hopefully, we can have the meal the last Sunday of November on the 29th.
I do apologize for the inconvenience of this.
I am greatly appreciative of everyone’s concern and love and prayers as well as your willingness to be flexible as each and every day presents its own challenges and setbacks.
I am also grateful for everyone’s concern, love, support, and prayers for each other during this time. God is with us all, and our faith is not moved or shaken. 
Just like the natural world around us during this season, we don’t show a lot of green leaves but our “roots” are going deeper and we are growing ever stronger.